Where To Eat

Shopping in Coldwater brings on an appetite!

You can choose from a quick sub, homemade burger or pizza at Bosco's, a "down home" diner breakfast, cheeseburger or dinner special at the famous Tiffany Restaurant, or cross the street and try out our newest little restaurant in town - Autumns.  The Mill St. Bistro is our fine dining riverside restaurant that brings folks from far and wide.

Enjoy sitting on the outdoor patio at the Mill St. Bistro and marvel at the exceptional food quality and inventive delicious meals that Chef Joey Malandrino prepares fresh.  This dining experience is Coldwater's best kept not-so-secret.  Tucked just off Main Street inside the Coldwater Heritage Grist Mill, on the edge of the river, you will be swept away by the cozy atmosphere.

In the summer enjoy a luscious Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream cone while sitting on the deck of our new  Coldwater Ice Cream store or sit inside by the big windows and watch the fish swim down the river.  The Ice Cream store also has a great selection of fudge.

Another great little spot to stop in town is Em's Cafe...coffee, expresso, panini sandwiches  and chocolate plus more - what else could one ask for!

 We have a Subway Sub restaurant on the main street.  This is a great spot to check in and grab a bite to eat - especially if you are on the run.  Don't forget about Domenic's Chip truck located beside the Ice Cream store...always a great "on the go" alternative with some great selection.

In a hurry?  Visit Foodland's deli counter for great hot buffet style takeout or hit the drive-thru at Jag's Country Style Donuts serving freshly made sandwiches, bagels, tea and coffee. 

...So, no matter what you are craving, we have it here for you in Coldwater!