Coldwater Ontario - Beautiful in the Winter


      Well Christmas and New Years have come and gone and the snow has fallen fast and furiously around us.  As we settle in to the next few monthes we would like to let you know what Coldwater has to offer in the winter time. 


       We have plenty of nice and cozy shops to visit if you are touring around the area.  Lots of neat little finds...we have nice restaurants to eat at whether you are looking for a nice sit down for a quick slice of pizza. 


       If you are local to the area there are lots of things to do out and about.   There are some fitness clubs in town - contact Severn Township or ask at the Coldwater Community Centre.  Take in a local hockey game - whether it be our minor hockey association games or a tournament - there is usually a game going on over at the arena.  You can also take advantage of public skating on Sundays.  There is a curling club just back behind the arena as well as a bowling alley beside the arena.   We have 3 churches in town so Sundays are always busy.  We have a legion in town and they have active card clubs, dart leagues, jam sessions, shuffleboard and pool.  Lots to do!


      We have many other business's that small towns usually have including building and home improvement/hardware stores, rental stores, gas stations, service shops, pharmacy, beer and liquor stores, real estate offices, hair dressers and barbers...the list is large.  Take a look through our business listings to see what we have to offer. 


      If you are skiing at Horseshoe or Mount Saint Louis Resort near by - stop in and see us we are only a 10 minute drive away.   Snowmobiling past Coldwqater - the trail goes right by - stop in for a visit and something warm to eat and gas up at our stations - you never know what else might catch your eye.

    Future events are now listed on our 2015 calendar on our website.  Stop and visit often and if you wish a copy of the quarterly newsletter please click on the tab "Follow Us"